Traditional Christmas Card Collection

Hand-painted for HNCF by Lady Caroline Hervey-Bathurst, mother of our trustee Sir Frederick Hervey-bathurt.

Traditional Christmas card collection hand-painted by Lady Caroline Hervey-Bathurst, an accomplished artist and the mother of one of the charity’s co-founders.

Lady Caroline’s husband, the late Sir John Hervey-Bathurst had a long and stoic struggle with oral cancer which led to facial disfigurement and a decline in certain functions such as speech. This ultimately led their son, the current, Sir Frederick Hervey-Bathurst to launch the Head & Neck Cancer Foundation jointly with the surgeon who handled much of Sir John’s treatment, Professor Mark McGurk.

Lady Caroline’s previous work has been exhibited widely, including at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and at the Royal Academy and she is now using her work as a way to support those suffering from head and neck cancers. The collection consists of seven beautifully hand-painted cards depicting various winter and Christmas themed compositions. The paintings were created throughout her husband’s journey with cancer and are now being used as a means to support his legacy and raise funds for the charity to improve outcomes for others going through similar experiences.

Lady Caroline: “Whilst helping my husband manage his cancer, creating my art and specifically this collection of cards helped me keep sane and offered a creative outlet. Therefore, I feel very proud to support the fight against this terrible illness by using the art that I produced during his battle. Every penny of the profits made from these cards will be used to improve outcomes for head and neck cancer patients.”

The traditional Christmas card collection can be purchased directly from HNCF’s page on Thortful. All profits will go towards raising awareness of head and neck cancers and funding the implementation of new life-changing technologies and treatments.

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