Our team and trustees

HNCF is made possible because of the passion and drive of our team members and trustees. Below you can learn more about the people who fuel our work and help HNCF to make a difference.

Our small board of trustees is committed to tolerating no wastage of time or funds. HNCF does not spend money on flashy offices, lavish advertising campaigns, glossy catalogues or free gifts. We target our resources carefully - so that all money raised can be spent where it is needed most: on patient treatment.

None of HNCF’s trustees draw a salary or remuneration from their roles at the foundation. Indeed, the reverse: they have all contributed generously. Their collective goal is not personal financial benefit, but to make a huge difference to the future of head and neck cancer treatment and the lives of patients.


Sir Frederick Hervey-Bathurst, Chairman & Trustee


Professor Mark McGurk, Founder & Trustee

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Michelle Vickers, CEO


Peter Kennan, Trustee

Nikki Oliver1

Nikki Oliver, Patient Ambassador

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Your support will really help us increase knowledge around the treatment of head and neck cancers, and fund the training of Sentinel Node Biopsy experts so that more and more patients can benefit from this life-changing treatment.

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