Professor Mark McGurk, Founder and Trustee of the Head & Neck Cancer Foundation, discusses the most at-risk areas for developing head and neck cancers, and how you can best identify any indications of these.

Self-Diagnosis: The Skin

In this video Professor Mark McGurk explains the most common locations and signs of skin cancers and melanomas, as well as the risks associated with them.

Self-Diagnosis: Salivary Glands

This video delves into the most serious conditions associated with the salivary glands and the symptoms to look out for.

Self-Diagnosis: The Throat

Professor Mark McGurk explains the symptoms of cancers that develop in the lower throat and back of the mouth. He describes what to feel for as these types of cancer can be harder to diagnose visually.

Self-Diagnosis: Mouth Cancer

This video focuses on oral cancer and the most common sites within the mouth. Professor Mark McGurk tells you what to look out for and how to identify this type of cancer.