Patient-Friendly Recipes

A bank of recipes made by the HNCF team, which are suitable for oral cancer patients who have undergone radiotherapy and have difficulties with eating. These recipes are made to be enjoyed by the whole family: otherwise many oral cancer patients choose to eat alone, due to their special dietary requirements. After radiotherapy, patients may lose their sense of taste and commonly used ingredients may burn their mouths. But, with a little help from HNCF, simple, tasty family meals can be prepared so that everyone can enjoy eating together.

Dr. Phillipe Katz

Dr. Phillipe Katz specialises in the examination of salivary glands and is a passionate cook. Many of his patients have oral cancers, such as throat or tongue cancer and as a result have radiation treatment. This leaves patients with a sensitive mouth that can no longer produce saliva. 20 years ago, one of Phillipe’s patients asked if he could do anything to help with his difficulties in eating, so Phillipe decided to try and create a soup with a special texture that would be easier for his patient to eat. The soup was a success and Phillipe has now created a variety of recipes that his patients can comfortably eat and enjoy. Watch and download the recipes below!

Chicken & Courgette Soup

Watch Dr. Katz as he creates his delicious courgette and chicken soup along with Professor Mark McGurk and Sir Frederick Hervey-Bathurst, Co-Founders and Trustees of HNCF. 

Dr Katz's Chicken and Courgette Soup


Vegetable Soup

In this video Dr. Phillipe Katz cooks a vegetable soup with Professor Mark McGurk. Mark is a co-founder of HNCF. He is an oral and maxillofacial head and neck cancer surgeon and consultant. Mark’s clinical practice is experienced in the treatment of all types of head and neck cancer. 

Dr Katz's Creamy Vegetable Soup


Chicken Bouillon & Beef Soup

In our third recipe video, Dr. Phillipe Katz cooks a chicken bouillon and a beef soup with Professor Mark McGurk. The bouillon will be used as a base for future recipes and is a great way for cancer patients that struggle with eating to get lots of protein.

Dr Katz's Chicken Bouillon & Beef Soup


HNCF Home Recipes | Cancer Patient Friendly Delicious Chicken Soup

In our fourth recipe video, Dr. Phillipe Katz cooks a chicken soup with Professor Mark McGurk. The soup has two variants, one for the patient and one for their family.

Dr Katz's Delicious Chicken Soup


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